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August 2, 2007
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DN - Keychains Set by Hyura DN - Keychains Set by Hyura
Keychains Yaaay!

For decorating bags, keys, rooms, and er.... anything else you can think of.

I finally finished designing them. Although... their overall design is a tad... strange. You see, I was trying to be original. But I think I lack the ability to make something both cool and original. xD; I hope they look more appealing than odd.

From left to right, top to bottom:

+ "Birthday Bully" - It's Near's birthday and Mello, being the meanie that he is, decides to hit the b-day boy and steal his present. This actually happened to me as a child xD. (The one and only time I had a birthday party someone started opening my presents when I wasn't looking. But at least I got an Easy Bake oven haha.)

+ "Icecream Thief" - Pretty self-explanatory. L is trying to steal Raito's icecream. Mmm... mint chocolate chip. ♥

+ "Gummy [L]ove" - Just L. Eating Gummy Bears. I've never seen a picture of him eating them so I thought 'why not'? I love his face here.

+ "Jealous yet?" - AWWfhjgfi!! MattxNear. My favorite pairing right now (not really, I love all DN pairings). There is actually several ways you could interpret this one, but it kind of looks like Near's trying to make Mello jealous. Matt's just sleeping. And smoking in bed. Just wait till it catches on fire. ><

+ "Game Freak" - Matt is such a game freak he even sleeps while playing games. Haha. Why is he sleeping in both of these pictures? ...I do not know.


The quality of the actual keychains will be much better than the preview!

So yes. I'll probably be selling them at future conventions.

- Inked & colored digitally -
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Lforeverisa Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
Awww Mells stop being such a bully!
icetree13 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How were you able to make these as keychains? What are the materials and costs?
Hanakohitachiin Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012  Student General Artist
soooo cute, great job
RinKagamine8 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student Filmographer
awwww mattxnear they are so cute one of my fav pairing :P
AmbreeChristineSkye Featured By Owner May 3, 2012
Awwww! so cuute!! :love: I want the chibi L!!! *glomps chibi L* Mmm, mint chocolate chip! ;P =( sorry about your birthday presents. That was sad, how the heck did the think they could just open them?! (this is not so surprising to me because I have four little sisters who have probably opened more of my presents that I have. XD) And did you say you've only ever had one Birthday party?! (sorry it's none of my business, but I've already typed it and will leave it alone and shut up now!!)
The cuteness! It kills me! :dead:
Sapphire-Hyuga Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
samantha12812 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
L is such a cuttie..But I prefer Near..
princesshashero Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Student General Artist
Awww love the MattxNear and the LightxL

Kishex-Nevarx Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
OH!! WIll you be at Comic Con? :DD
kattklb101 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011
I. Want.
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